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Work carried out for the Gambling Commission to explore the link between problem gambling and suicide included a workshop on evidence needs around suicide and problem gambling

This recommended that questions on gambling should be included in the 2021 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, the analysis of which would: • give an indication of temporal trends in prevalence of problem gambling and suicidal behaviours. • allow for examination of the consistency of the relationship between gambling and suicidal behaviours. • allow for an examination of the association between gambling and suicidal behaviours including ideation, as well as other co-morbidities, particularly mental disorders assessed using validated questionnaires.”

The seven-yearly Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey included questions on gambling in 2007, but not in 2014. The 2021 Survey should again include questions on gambling, and the prevalence of suicidal tendencies linked to gambling.

Markus Weber

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