Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
UWEC-AMA Certificate

New to the 2021-2022 academic year, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Certificate offered by UW-Eau Claire’s American Marketing Association aims to engage our members within the ongoing conversation of integrating EDI into the workplace, while creating a better understanding of a diverse workforce and fostering inclusive behaviors. 

10-Week Program

This certificate is given upon completion of a 10 Week program. During General Meetings

1-10, members will participate in an EDI workshop. Topics covered will include:

  • Defining Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity/ Why it is important in the workplace

  • Understanding the difference between Diversity and Inclusion

  • Raising awareness of unconscious bias

  • Allyship encouragement

  • Microaggressions and Inclusive Language

  • Supporting Gender Identity and Expression 

  • Bystander Intervention 

  • Discussion of Privilege

  • Companies’ relationships with EDI 

  • Creating an inclusive culture

Additional Resources

  • Black History Month Library: This free Google drive contains information about influential people, events and movements to help further educate around Black history.

  • TedTalks: There are many TedTalks available that discuss various areas of diversity and inclusion.

  • Podcasts: There are a wide variety of podcasts available that discuss individual identities or how they intersect.