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Careers in Marketing

This collection features a broadened view of fields that can be pursued with a marketing degree.

Advertising Careers

An advertising agency is a professional service firm hired by other businesses, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to create, plan, and produce advertising, and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing, to sell products or services and meet business objectives for its clients.

Possible Careers: Account Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Media Planner, & Media Buying

Brand & Product Management Careers

Brand management is the process of developing, maintaining, and increasing the perceived value of a product or service. It includes improving brand perceptions by increasing brand awareness and positive brand associations. Strategic brand management can help companies improve brand recognition, boost revenue, and achieve long-term business goals.

Business Development & Sales Careers

Sales and business development professionals devise growth strategies, tactics, and action plans to enhance the firm’s markets and create new ones. They coordinate with cross-functional teams to negotiate deals and contracts and handle all related activities.

Data Analytics Careers

Marketing data analytics is the group of activities and processes related to collecting, cleaning, manipulating, and analyzing data to generate actionable managerial insights. Insights on patterns, associations, and predictions help firms identify opportunities for innovative offerings and pinpoint potential issues and threats. 

Digital Marketing Careers

Digital marketing offers marketers vast opportunities to reach various audiences and consumers and connect with them. It enables marketers to learn about consumers, target them, measure the effect of marketing activities, and readjust these activities, all on a timely basis. Critical concerns are consumer privacy and the importance of responsible marketing

Marketing Research Careers

Market research provides information about the consumers, customers, and public to marketers. This information helps firms identify opportunities or problems, monitor performance, and have a better understanding of the business, customers, and markets. Firms use this information to develop effective marketing strategies and minimize risks in their business decisions.

Marketing Strategy & Management Careers

Marketing strategy relies on understanding consumers, reaching untapped markets, innovating, and developing intelligent plans to mobilize a business for growth and profitability.

Public Relations Careers

Public Relations teams handle all the firm’s external communications with media, customers, and investors, as well as internal communications with employees to build mutually beneficial relationships. They develop communication plans and respond in special situations such as cases of negative publicity.

Retail Careers

Retail covers all the activities, institutions, and strategies related to bringing goods and services to retail consumers. These are communicating the firms’ offerings, enabling consumers to observe and evaluate the products, performing transactions, delivering the products, and handling customer services.

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