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UW-Eau Claire 10th Annual Regional Conference

Date: February 17, 2023 

Registration opens December 1st!


Registration LINKED HERE

Keynote Speaker:

Breakout Speakers:

DEI Session Host:

Kaylynn Winnegar, Vice President

Committee Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce

Perfect Pitch Host: Enterprise

The Perfect Pitch competition is where you will present a 60-90 second pitch to showcase yourself to our competition sponsor Enterprise and prove that you stand out among your peers as the ideal candidate for the company. The pitch should be a story of what is unique about yourself, usually offering 2-3 highlights of what stands out about you. 

Sales Competition Host:

Northwestern Mutual 

The sales competition is a two-round role-playing competition judged by Northwestern Mutual in which you will meet a potential client and look to identify needs, present your product, and overcome objections all in a professional manner.

Marketing Design Host:

Jack Link's 

For this competition participants will be given one hour to complete a design task given by one of our sponsors.

Mock Interview: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

You will be given 10 minutes to have an interview with the sponsor of our competition and display that you have the professionalism, knowledge, and resume to show that you are qualified for the job opportunity.

Marketing Strategy:

Your team of two to three people will be given 24 hours to create a presentation based on the needs given by the sponsor of the competition which must be complete by the Wednesday before the conference. Finalists will then be chosen to give a presentation in front of the sponsors on the day of the conference.

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