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Cotton Incorporated is a not-for-profit research and promotion company whose mission is to improve the demand and profitability of cotton. Created in 1970, the company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and provides research facility for training textile mills, manufacturers, and brands/retailers in all areas of cotton manufacturing. Today, Cotton Incorporated is providing resources and research to help companies develop innovative and profitable cotton products across every area of the cotton life cycle. Cotton Incorporated is committed to researching and promoting environmentally-friendly solutions that help secure the future of cotton and the planet. Cotton Incorporated’s mission is to ensure that cotton remains consumers first choice in apparel and home products. 

"The Fabric of Our Lives"

Recently Cotton has been seeking to find better ways to target the Gen z generation, specifically those ages thirteen to eighteen. They want to educate and bring more awareness of cotton fabric and its benefits to this age group. They have done so through different tactics;

  • Elementary & Middle School In-Classroom Cotton Curriculums: Partnering with schools by providing them with lesson plans for teachers to administer to their students as an in-class assignment about cotton. 

  • Cotton 101: Online resources for; students, teachers and parents: Includes history and information about cotton and its role in the economy. There are also quizzes, games and downloadable coloring pages.

  • Blue Jeans go Green program: Aims to promote sustainable living and seeks to educate people on the natural life cycle of cotton. They do this by encouraging consumers to recycle denim and create opportunities to help those in need. Denim is collected to prevent it from ending up in landfills and partner with Bonded Logic Inc to recycle the denim into Ultra Touch Denim Insulation.

The age group (Generation Z) Cotton Inc is targeting, is more economically friendly and socially aware of whats going on around them making them a good target audience.

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