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UW-Eau Claire Regional Conference

Sherwin Williams Sales Competition


After multiple attempts, you finally secure a phone meeting with Frank. He’s very busy and he only has a small
amount of time. Your goal is to find out about Frank, his business, his business goals, and challenges to find
points of value connecting him to your new online tools. Your first mission is not to present the solutions, but to
secure the next meeting where you will present solutions targeted to Frank’s business needs. This is purely an
“Identify Needs” call.

Judging Criteria

• Your ability to open up the call effectively (the greeting, the value to the customer, the ability to
smoothly transition into your line of inquiry).
• Your effective use of questioning. Use a mix of high discovery (e.g, tell me about your business, what’s
important to you?), probing questions(e.g., you mentioned finding employees has been a problem, what
is your current process for finding talent?), as well as open-ended and closed-ended questions to obtain
information about the customer.
• Your ability to adapt to the customer and their communication style.
• Your ability to establish value and secure a “what’s next and when” meeting to present solutions.

There are two spots guaranteed for each chapter.

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