UW-Eau Claire Regional Conference

Federated Insurance Sales Competition 

Round 1 (10min):

Information to come regarding competition.

You are a sales representative for Penske Leasing. Soda-City, a local beverage distributor, has a fleet of 10 flatbed trucks that they lease from Trucks-Plus. You get a tip from your colleague, John Mathers, who golfs with the Chief Operations Officer of Soda-City and you find out that Trucks-Plus and Soda City’s leasing contract is up for a review. You have called ahead and scheduled an appointment with, Jeff Monk, the Chief Operations Manager of Soda-City. Your goal is to ask questions to gain a better understanding of Soda-City’s business needs as well as convince the COO that leasing from Penske is a better option. Your hope is to arrange to meet with the final decision maker, CEO Blaine Martin, to make close the sale.

Round 2 (10min):

You have secured a meeting with the CEO of Soda-City, Blaine Martin. You goal is to reaffirm the business needs you uncovered in the first meeting and give a presentation about why leasing with Penske is the right option for Soda-City.

All competitors will compete in round 1 and the top 5 competitors will be selected to move on to round 2.