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Becoming a director is one of the best ways to get involved with AMA. With 20-30 positions offered each semester, director director responsibilities are very hands-on and essential to effectively running the organization. Any member can become a director, no matter how long they've been in AMA.

Full Position Descriptions:


- Get contacts for future AMA AIMS projects

- Maintain contact with clients from previous projects

- Gain new clients for future projects

- Present findings following each project

Digital Marketing

- Create, maintain, and promote on all social media accounts

- Design apparel

- Create graphic designs for events, social media & website

- Maintain and update the website

-Film and edit recruitment video


- Generate 2 or more press releases per month

- Create all the promotional material for speakers, events, professional development activities

- Get all speakers for the general meetings


-Reaches out to companies and local businesses to gain a sponsorship and support 

-Establishes great connections between AMA and businesses through networking

- Get sponsors for all major activities including runs, nationals, regional conference, etc.   

 Membership & Events

- Organize all events for AMA 

- Create event or fun nights for after each general meeting

-Responsible for contacting hotels and businesses regarding event details

-Plan and host membership events

-Strategize ways to get new members involved and in turn, become returning members

Director to the Vice President

- Responsible for helping plan events that get students their service learning hours

- Find people to volunteer at service events

- In charge of finding good causes to support within the local community


-Creates, adapts, and enhances regional conference logistics from beginning to end planning. 

-Communicate with conference attendees. 

-Works closely with sponsorships and communications team. 

-Assists with chapter conference preparation. 

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