College of Business 50th Anniversary

2016 marked the 50th anniversary for the College of Business, which called for a celebration. The original School of Business was founded in 1966, and later renamed to the College of Business in 1994. On Friday September 20th, alumni, professors, emeritus professors, and students gathered to acknowledge this monumental anniversary. The members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), and other business organizations each had a separate room to decorate. AMA went with the Mardi Gras theme to celebrate winning Chapter of the Year last year at Nationals in New Orleans. AMA is grateful to have participated in this amazing day. Reconnecting with alumni and professors who share a passion for b

Special September

September is always a busy time of year: summer is ending and a new school year is starting. This means that AMA starts, yay! To start off the semester, AMA participated in the Blugold Organization Bash, BOB. This is where we recruit new members to join our organization and hand out free planners. We had a great turn out this year, with over 100 prospective students interested in learning more about AMA. September 15, we had the pleasure of Chelsea Cook speaking at a weekly meeting. She talked about an up in coming marketing topic: email marketing. During her presentation she talked about the company that she works for, Relationship One, what email marketing is, and why it is so important to

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