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Invent Yourself in a Reinvented World

As we continue to progress through these untraditional times, we are reminded that nothing is a constant in today’s world. Our emphasis for this year is to safely support each member with the tools for success in this new era of uncertainty, highlighting characteristics like confidence, persistence, and individuality. By integrating the use of technology to support social distancing, we plan to host more mentorship opportunities, workshops, and competition training to emphasize our goals of continued involvement. Our aim is to teach members to see opportunities where others see uncertainty and have the tools to reinvent the world for the better. Invent Yourself in a Reinvented World guides us to pursue the following goals:


  • Empower students with support and connections to help them find the opportunity that they need to succeed.

  • Encourage students to search for professional opportunities early and often

  • Continue relationships with our current network while establishing new connections to help members get their foot in the door.

  • Continue to be worthy of our platinum chapter status, requiring the Executive Board to constantly lead by example.

  • Rebrand and emphasize Affordable Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) to capture an increased amount of interest from members, highlighting the resume boost that it will especially give first and second-year students.

We look forward to empowering students with the necessary tools needed to succeed in our reinvented world.


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