Inspiring Future Leaders

Tuesday November 28, 2017 a few members from our Executive Board went to Eau Claire Memorial to speak to high schoolers. The spoke to juniors, and seniors about what to expect when going to college, and how they can get involved at the university they go to. It was great to get out into the community, and inspire future leaders.

AMA Hears from Impressive Speakers and Participates in Director’s Retreat

AMA has had several events and meetings since the Fall Regional Conference season has ended. The organization has heard from two successful speakers, completed the American Marketing Association Career Development Certificate, and had their semi-annual Director’s Retreat. AMA heard from UWEC alumni and current owner of Satellite Six, Ben Stroinski. Ben shared his personal story on the creation of Satellite Six as well as several interesting tips for members. Members even discovered that Ben is the creator of the current, well-known UWEC Blugold mascot. AMA also heard from Erik Norsted from Olive & Company at their general meeting last week. Erik gave members some exceptional tips for college

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