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College of Business 50th Anniversary

2016 marked the 50th anniversary for the College of Business, which called for a celebration. The original School of Business was founded in 1966, and later renamed to the College of Business in 1994. On Friday September 20th, alumni, professors, emeritus professors, and students gathered to acknowledge this monumental anniversary.

The members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), and other business organizations each had a separate room to decorate. AMA went with the Mardi Gras theme to celebrate winning Chapter of the Year last year at Nationals in New Orleans. AMA is grateful to have participated in this amazing day.

Reconnecting with alumni and professors who share a passion for business is what this celebration was all about. Pictures were displayed from the past 50 years, Troppo Big Band Jazz Orchestra preformed, along with The Innocent Men. The members of AMA loved to visit with alumni who also belonged to this organization to share stories and memories.

It was a great day to reminisce and celebrate what the future holds for the College of Business!

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