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AMA Hears from Three Experienced Speakers to Start the Year

AMA heard from three informative speakers at the first two general meetings of the semester. During the first general meeting, members participated in a resume workshop given by Senior Lecturer, Cynthia (Cindy) Hofacker. Cindy is a Business Communications professor with an exceptional amount of knowledge, especially when it comes to a creating good resume. She gave members several helpful tips and tricks to either start, continue, or perfect their resume in time for the 2017 Fall Career Conference. The following week, members heard from UWEC alumni, Kay Kacheroski and Jared Jaquish from Tom James Company. They spoke about their careers in sales and what sparked their interest in working for Tom James.

AMA will travel to Chicago on October 6 to tour Mintel, Jack Nadel International, and Impact before they travel to Aurora University on October 7 for their Regional Conference. Members have the opportunity to participate in personal branding, sales, and marketing strategy competitions while at the conference. The following week, o

n October 13, members will be travelling to UW-Whitewater to compete in their regional conference.

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